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Best Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design & Model 2019

The minimalist home design might be the most emerging home design in the last ten years. This is because this kind of a home design creates a simplicity and cleanliness which eventually will give a positive impact to our daily life. However, most homeowners don’t apply it entirely to their homes, only certain rooms, like bedrooms or living rooms, making it unbalance and unharmonious to see. One of the rooms that’s often overlooked is the bathroom.
When it comes to the bathroom design, we can say that the minimalist design is one of the most recommended designs regarding the simplicity and the cleanliness it offers which will promote the hygiene in the bathroom. Furthermore, the bathroom usually has a very limited space, pretty different to the other rooms. Therefore, th minimalist design would be much suitable to be integrated into it. Here are some tips for you to design the bathroom with the minimalist design;

1. Dry and wet area
The area division of the bathroom, the wet and dry area, is sometimes overlooked by most homeowners. In fact, this factor plays a vital role in emerging the comfort and the hygiene in the bathroom. The minimalist design simply highlights this method as the homeowners can differ each area’s function, which ultimately will strengthen the comfort presence in the bathroom.

2. The air circulation
A good air circulating system integrated in any room, either bedroom, kitchen, or living room will certainly ensure the comfort presence in each room. The bathroom is not exception. Although the bedroom is meant to be a private area, you can still install an adequate air circulating system.

3. The green factor
The presence of the plants will further ensure the comfort for everyone who uses the bathroom. Place one or two simple potted plants in the corner of the bathroom.


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