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Best Minimalist Car Garage Design Ideas And Most Popular Detached Simple Garage Design Ideas

These days, the garage not only serve as a place to protect vehicles from the weather exposure, but the garage is also able to support the look of the house, both exterior and interior. Therefore, its design, just like the other house’s rooms, needs to get more attention, which eventually can make your home look more attractive.
For those of you who want to bring difference and uniqueness in your garage, the first thing you need to consider is the garage design should follow the style of the house. For example for a minimalist house, the garage should also applies the same minimalist design. That way, the garage will give the attractive impression by harmonizing the look of the entire house. However, to further beautify the garage, there are a few things you need to consider, such as:

1. The coloring
It would be better if you harmonize the garage color with the home exterior color. However, since the garage color is quite vulnerable to the dirt of the car’s exhaust smoke, avoid setting neutral colors as the dominant colors.

2. The size
In this part, you have to plan on the long term basis, meaning that you will have to plan on constructing the garage that can fulfill all of your space necessities in the future. If you think that you will not only use the garage as the carport only, but also as the storage space, consider providing more space either vertical or horizontal.

3. The flooring
As the carport, the garage will be susceptible to the dirt sourcing from the dust, lubricant and water spills, and so on. For that, you will need strong yet unpolished tile to accommodate all those necessities. The granite tile that has rough texture would be the one protecting the flooring of the garage.


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Best Minimalist Car Garage Design Ideas And Most Popular Detached Simple Garage Design Ideas

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