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Bathroom is a place where we clean up ourselves from the day-long activity. Aditionally, these days, the bathroom also serves as a relaxation place. Therefore, decorating the bathroom as comfortable as the other rooms is also necessary. To realize this, you can cling to the following tips;

1. Divide the dry and wet area
If your bathroom is quite spacious, you can rearrange to separate the wet and dry area. Dividing the bathroom area can make the bathroom more comfortable. As the name suggests, the wet area is the area where you can clean up your body with water (this area is usually included with bathtub and shower), while the dry area serves to the place for make up (the sink, vanities, and mirror).

2. Add aromatheraphy
The use of aromatheraphy is very common in the modern bathroom. Using aromatheraphy would effectively create a more comfortable, romantic yet cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. You can leverage the aromatheraphy candles that have various fragrances that will create the ambience inside the bathroom so distinctive.

3. Integrate picture frames
Attaching a few small framed photos of you and your families or natural views would be a good idea to make a new situation in your modern bathroom.

4. Avoid bringing magazines
Avoid bringing magazines to the bathroom as you will possibly leave them scattered, making the bathroom feel so cluttered. However, if it turns out that the presence of magazine as “the company” in the bathroom, consider using a uniquely-designed magazine holder to keep the bathroom organized from the magazine clutterness.

5. Don’t forget the toilet paper holder
If you currently plan redecorating the bathroom, don’t forget to change the toilet paper holder with the eye-catchy one. A little thing that simply makes a great difference.


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