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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Though the bathroom is fairly small compared to other rooms but it plays a significant role in a house. The minimalist bathroom design is recommended to ensure a bathroom can provide comfort and function effectively and efficiently.

In designing a bathroom with minimalist design, it’s no different with the other rooms that you must consider some important parts of the bathroom, such as layout, storage space, bathroom floor, air circulation, coloring and lighting.

The layout
A minimalist bathroom should really pay attention to this factor, otherwise the bathroom will not function properly and won’t be comfortable to be used. When it comes to a small bathroom, so as not to make it cramped then it’s recommended to only put everything that you need. Like a simple-designed bathtub, a bathroom cabinet, a toilet, and a mirror.

Storage space

Bathroom will look neat and orderly if every kind of bathroom’s appliances, spanning of shampoo, soap, towels, body washer, and other body care products are well organized and well stored.

The coloring
The bathroom’s coloring element is recommended to make use of bright colors as it spreads an airy feel inside the bathroom. For an elegant impression you could use white as the dominant color in your bathroom. It would be more beautiful if it is supported by a good lighting system consisting of two lighting elements; the general lighting and accent lighting. The general comes in a form of the central lighting that enlights throughout the bathroom, while the task lighting can come in a form of wall lamps or candles, accompanying you while relax in the bathroom.

Air circulation
The air circulation is not important only to living room or kitchen, the bathroom can also make use of that. If it’s impossible to install a window, you can install air vents or exhaust fan mounted on the ceiling of the bathroom.


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