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The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house. It somehow often receives less attention from the owner. Because of its function as a place to cook, the kitchen tends to quickly be dirty and smelly than the other rooms of the house.
Ideally, the kitchen should always be clean given the hygiene will certainly affect the health of all family members. For that, there are several ways to design a healthy and odorless kitchen by taking into account a few things, namely; lighting, air circulation, and cleanliness.

Air circulation

Create a fresh air circulation condition inside the kitchen. This can only occur if there is a window or vent that connects with open space. However, if your kitchen doesn’t allow the use of windows or other openings, consider using the cooker hood. This tool will suck the smoke of the cooking process, so that the kitchen will be so much fresh.
Avoid using asbestos for the kitchen’s ceiling. You better choose other materials such as gypsum or wood. Additionally, ceiling should also be painted with water-based paint instead of oil-based one.


Yes, the lighting plays an important role to eliminate musty odors in your kitchen. Make sure that the sunlight can enter the kitchen area as it is very useful to kill the odor-causing germs.
The presence of sufficient sunlight can also help you save electricity as it will effectively fulfill your lighting needs during the day. If possible, try to create skylights in the kitchen ceiling to help extend the sunlight coming into the room.


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Kitchen's Hygiene Solutions Pdf

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