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There are many paint colors to choose from to beautify our home interior. In fact, this abundancy sometimes makes homeowners confused about the right color to be integrated into their home interior. The coloring is one among the most fundamental elements in a house, so it takes time, patience, insight, and also surveys to find what’s best for your house.
Beside the neutral tones which are headlining the home paint color tones lately, there are a number of color schemes – which each of them has their own unique, planting characters to your home -, and pastel tones are among others. Orange, green, and red are the most preferred colors due to the playful and funny characters they bring.

In addition to creatively inspiring, orange color is commonly considered as an active color. If you want to promote an active, vibrant, and joy feel in your home, consider using this color. This color is suitable to be coupled with beige as it can balance the brightness emited by the orange color. However, since this color has a vibrant atmosphere, it’s not recommended to use this color in the bedroom which requires relaxation more.

The green color is widely known as the earthy color giving a natural relaxation to a room that applies it. You’ll feel so close to nature, even though that you live in a city. This color is very perfect to be incorporated in study room or home office, because this color is believed to be able to help increase concentration.

Red is one of the most chosen colors when it comes to the kitchen coloring ideas. Why? the red color is believed to able to increase the appetite. Additionally, this color is also suggested to be used in the bedroom, the master bedroom to increase the romantic atmosphere between a husband and wife.


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