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If you think that applying white, cream, yellow, or blue as the dominant color in your bathroom are pretty ordinary and common to you, what if you choose black as the dominant color, not only accent color, to decorate the bathroom?
Black as the dominant color is indeed not popular to be applied in bathrooms because homeowners would thingk that their bathroom will seem dark or narrow. However, if you can apply the black color propotionally, you will get a very contemporary and elegant feel in your bathroom. So, why don’t you try to start using it? Just like other colors, black also has a variety of different shades. You can look for the color shades closest to your needs and desires.
Some black shades with a mixture of blue or purple will give a more “cool” ambience to the bathroom. This color will be suitable to be mixed with a variety of different colors and textures. Here’s how to apply the black color proportionally in so that you’ll get a stunning atmosphere in your bathroom:

Certain parts of bathroom walls
First, you can integrate the black color into one to two sides of your bathroom walls. For example, use the color to cover two walls forming an angle facing each other. For other parts of the wall, use a lighter color, or off-white, dark-textured ceramic.

Quantity of light
For those who want to integrate more black in the bathroom, make sure the adequate sunlight can get into the bathroom. This method means to avoid the room goes too dark.
In addition, the use of large mirrors can also help light reflects to all parts of the room. Also, make sure you use the light-colored ceiling.

Play of gradation
“Play” with a mix of shades of black and gray so that your bathroom feel more dynamic. In addition to the color gradation, use a number of different materials and textures.


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Awesome Bathroom Ideas Black Color Best Black Colored Bathroom Ideas Tiles Dark Interior Designs

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